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A Healthier Life


I am so grateful that you have found your way here.  My mission is to light up a path of what is possible in this life for you.  I pray that you get into the drivers seat and get intentional with how you want to live.  Serving others in this way is a heart calling.  I have a deep vision to cast and I hope you join me for the ride.

About Me:

Certified Wellness Coach
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Personal Lifestyle Mentor

Someone once told me that we all have a story to tell.  My immediate reaction was to tell myself that my story was not important...that it was nothing special.  But God knew better. He put me on a path that allowed me to show up every day...for myself, for my family, for you and most importantly for HIM.  This is how I realized the story of my heart. The story I needed to share.


As a wife and mom of four boys, I am blessed to be given the gift of family.  The gift of being a teacher and caregiver already. With that gift, came challenges.  The challenge of losing myself and my purpose through navigating motherhood. But that is also what led me to the deeper purpose I am called to do…


A purpose of sharing my heart with others to inspire hope.  A purpose of connecting others together through food and bringing  them around a table again. A purpose to share solutions for wellness through essential oils for every area of life.  A purpose of connecting others to a life of empowerment through having a choice for their own health. A purpose of giving space to allow others to be seen and their voices to be heard.  Allowing them to feel like they matter. A purpose that guides women to find their burning light again and allowing it to shine bright.


It is my honor to support you, guide you and lift you to a BETTER YOU.  To connect you to the best version of who God created you to be. I am grateful that you choose to share your story with me.  If you allow yourself to truly reach deep...nothing and no one can stop you from living the life you dream!


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